Canada is wising up to the dangers of compact fluorescent light bulbs

In the Vancouver Sun, Bronwyn Eyre explains:

Nothing better illustrates an instance of the cure being worse than the disease than our rush to buy mercury-containing, compact fluorescent light bulbs. Demonizing the traditional light bulb as energy inefficient, we’re embracing a product that apparently has truly lethal dangers.

Aside from the fact these bulbs apparently don’t last anywhere near the 10 years they’re supposed to, if one breaks in your house, you should, according to Health Canada: Ventilate the room for at least 15 minutes, use tape instead of a vacuum or broom lest you spread contamination, wear disposable gloves during cleanup, place broken material in a sealed glass container and remove rugs, making sure not to place them in the household trash. Maybe a call to the hazmat guys would not be far-fetched.

The conclusion:  “clearly, incandescent light bulbs are safer than compact fluorescent ones.”


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