Why send used CFL light bulbs to Washington?

Why should you send your used compact fluorescent light bulbs to Washington?  Because Washington is forcing you to use these dangerous and inferior bulbs.

An editorial in the New Haven Register explains:

The bulb that has lighted American homes for more than 100 years faces possible extinction in three years thanks to energy-efficiency standards set by Congress in 2007…. Congress has decided Americans should use fluorescent lights, which are more efficient.

Compact fluorescent lights have a number of drawbacks. A major one is that they cost far more than incandescent bulbs. And, they are slow to light, can’t fit in some lamps because of their size, give off less light than a comparable incandescent bulb and produce a cold, unflattering light. On top of all that, fluorescent lights contain mercury, so they should be treated as hazardous waste when thrown out.

If Congress is smart enough to tell you what kind of light bulbs to use, then Congress is smart enough to dispose of your used and broken CFL light bulbs.  Send your light bulbs to Washington.


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