Have you seen this light bulb?

BrightEffectsCFLUnderwriters Laboratories has issued a warning about this compact fluorescent light bulb.  Here is the complete text of their news release:

UL warns of potentially hazardous compact fluorescent lamps

Northbrook, Ill. USA, August 11, 2009 — Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is notifying consumers and retailers that the compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), identified below, may pose a shock and fire hazard. This product does not comply with UL’s safety requirements and is not eligible to bear the UL Mark.

Name of product: Bright Effects Compact Fluorescent Lamp

Units: Unknown quantity

Manufacturer: Zhejiang Yankon Group Co, Ltd., Zhejiang, China

Date of manufacture: Units manufactured on and prior to July 2007

Hazard: The lamp may overheat and melt the enclosure, exposing live parts and creating a shock and fire hazard.

Identification: On the product:

Self-ballasted Lamp

13W 120V 60Hz  190mA

If you have one of these dangerous compact fluorescent light bulbs, don’t use it.  Stop using it if you’re already using it.  Put it in a zip-loc bag and send it to Washington.  They’re the experts.  They’ll know what to do.




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11 responses to “Have you seen this light bulb?

  1. One of these exact bulbs just blew in my kitchen. Flames and everything. Lots of smoke. Very scary.

    • Scott Hubbartt, San Angelo, Tx

      This weekend, both my smoke alarms went off. I smelt smoke in the hall and thought it was in the attic. Sure enough, this bulb was smoked and set off my smoke alarms. At least I know my alarms work. Yesterday, I took all the spiral fluorescent bulbs out and replaced them all with LED type. The smell in the house is still faint. Scared the crazy out of us.

  2. Michelle cole

    i have one and it just went out and we could smell it burning

  3. Joe Griffeth

    I have one that I watched burn over my bathroom sink. It could have burned the house down had I not been there to see it happen. Has anyone had a housefire as a result of these? I had several of them in the house. Is there recourse or a class action suit?

  4. Anonymous

    I just walked into my scrapbook room and smelled plastic burning. Sure enough I found one of the Bright Effect light bulbs melted. Omg I thought by now they fixed that problem. didn’t even last a year and it could have started a fire.

  5. Frankii

    I have 1 that recently failed normaly. It was purchased in January 2009. It lasted 33,000 hours. Worked much longer than the ones I’m buying now. The fail after 2 months of contiues use.

  6. Holly Reyner

    I had one burn up last night that looks almost like this. It doesn’t have a manufacturer name, and just says “self-ballasted lamp 5K53. It does not have the E167whatever number and is 13W 120v 60Hz 175mA. CF13EL/MINISPIRAL/y549-4. Can you tell me if this is made by the same company? I can tell you that the top of the base was browned slightly, and then it melted where the tube goes into the base. Luckily my daughter noticed the weird smell and came to get me. Do I need to check all my other lights? We just moved in here a year and a half ago so not all of them were installed by me.

  7. Todd

    Like others, we smelled burning plastic and found this bulb as the source problem with plastic melting/burning. Out of concern, I took the bulb to our local fire department who said they couldn’t find a product recall. Seems like there should be with others experiencing this issue.

  8. Ours did the same thing last night, smelled plastic burning, electrical burning type smell. Looked up and saw smoke! Quickly turned off the wall switch and unscrewed the bulb. The base of the bulb was extremely hot and black where it burned going into the base. I was not surprised to see “Made in China” on the side of this bulb. Found two more in my house. So glad I was present when this happened, could have been really bad…….

  9. Melanie Tressler

    Just had one of these light bulbs smoking up a storm in my house too. Thank goodness we were home and shut the switch off immediately. This is not the first time this has happened. I’ll be replacing ALL of my bulbs ASAP!


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