Beware Britain’s light bulb snoops

The public have been asked to ‘snoop’ on shopkeepers who continue to sell traditional light bulbs banned by Europe,” reports the Telegraph:

From September 1, it will be illegal to import conventional pearl or frosted bulbs of any shape or wattage. Traditional incandescent bulbs of 100 watts will also be banned under European law aimed at reducing energy bills and carbon dioxide emissions.

They will be replaced by energy saving lights, which usually use flourescent tubes, but it is thought some consumers will still prefer their ‘traditional’ bulbs, particularly for reading lamps.

There is evidence of people hoarding the old fashioned bulbs around Europe and enforcement agencies are ready to crack down on unscrupulous businessmen who continue to import the “illegal bulbs” from factories in China.

In Britain, Trading Standards officers will be carrying out inspections and members of the public will be able to report any shop continuing to stock the illegal bulbs.

Any individual found importing the bulbs into the EU will face a £5,000 fine and it could be an unlimited amount for big companies.

If traditional incandescent light bulbs remain so popular, why are they being banned?

The Department for the Environment insisted it was necessary to use the law to ensure people buy energy efficient bulbs that will save them around £37 per annum on energy bills and save the UK one million tonnes of carbon every year.

Why is it “necessary to use the law” to force people to buy energy efficient light bulbs?  If the claims about these light bulbs were true, wouldn’t people buy them voluntarily?  Maybe the people in the UK have wised up to the fact that compact fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury, a hazardous substance that can damage human health and the earth’s environment.  Or maybe UK lawmakers think they’re smarter than the rest of the people in the UK.

If you live in the UK, send your used compact fluorescent light bulbs to Parliament in London, or to EU headquarters in Brussels.


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One response to “Beware Britain’s light bulb snoops

  1. Bill

    I live in Britain and saw this on the news the other day.

    Just 1 week until the lightbulb ban.

    Where is my freedom to choose? If these CFL energy saver bulbs are so great, why do they give me and millions of others headaches, migraines and eyesore? Not to mention the mercury problem and massive amounts of radiation emitted, potentially causing you severe skin burn and cancer.

    You have the unelected socialist dictators at the EU to thank for this, and it’s heading to America soon.


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