Consumer groups unhappy with Euro light bulb ban

Incandescent light bulbs will start disappearing from store shelves in Europe next week, as the European Union’s light bulb ban starts taking effect.

Consumer groups in Europe are highlighting the health dangers of compact fluorescent light bulbs, according to a report in the New York Times:

Monique Goyens, the director general of the European Consumers’ Organization, said scrapping incandescent bulbs would prove a disadvantage for consumers who have a special sensitivity to certain kinds of light, and who need old-style bulbs for health reasons.

…Stephen Russell, the secretary-general of Anec, a group representing consumer interests in the development of product standards, also warned of continuing concerns about risks to health from the levels of mercury in some compact fluorescent bulbs….He also said that consumers should be able to return used bulbs to where consumers bought them, without charge.

Until they’ve got that set up, European consumers should send their used compact fluorescent light bulbs to European Union headquarters in Brussels.  If the Eurobureaucrats are smart enough to tell everyone what kind of light bulbs to use, they’re certainly smart enough handle disposing of used light bulbs.


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One response to “Consumer groups unhappy with Euro light bulb ban

  1. good to see updates here…

    yes the idiocy is beginning here in Europe…
    ironically it could have been better handled even if light bulb targeting was justified
    (a tax would then give the governments money to lower emissions via home energy schemes, renewable energy projects etc, more than remaining light bulbs were raising emissions… that said taxation is still hardly justified as explained on )


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