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New blog author: If CFLs are so Great, then No Purchase Pushing is Needed

Helping previous authors keep this good effort going!

The main theme will continue being issues around CFLs, the compact fluorescent “energy saving” bulbs,
but also widenened as regards to why people should be pushed to use CFLs or other lighting – whatever their advantages – through regulations or tax payer subsidies, rather than through voluntary purchases on the market place.

If CFLs (or LEDs, or Halogens) are so great – why aren’t enough people buying them?
Price is no excuse:
You don’t keep buying cheap products that don’t satisfy your requirements.
Conversely,  plenty of  “Expensive to buy but Cheap in the Long Run” products out there.
Woollen suits,  certain Scandinavian cars,   batteries, washing up liquids etc
The makers don’t run to regulators looking for bans on the alternatives!
Instead they focus on what they should be focusing:
Marketing their products properly.
After all:  Energy and Cost saving is an advantage.
Energizer/Duracell battery bunnies, washing up liquids etc  in imaginative commercials.

Can light bulb makers do the same?
Of course they can.
And if people still don’t buy the squigglies – Don’t blame the people.

Still,  let’s not blame the light bulb manufacturers too much.
If  Washington hands them the profits they want – why should they say no.
What to do about Washington?
Tell them what you think.
Especially when that CFL did not last as long as claimed: 
Claimed, that is, without a warranty/guarantee to that effect.
That’s when you send them the message that you can send them.
You send your light bulbs to Washington.

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