Who says Germans don’t have a sense of Humor?

From Freedom Light Bulb blog post

In a continued “save for posterity” effort of the German blog Otitis Media di Monaco (see earlier post), a look at his stamp collection in a GDR or for that matter EUSSR or a Soviet EUnion mode, bearing in mind the way the EU Commissariat sets all kinds of useless, unnecessary rules for European citizens, and noting in passing that the Commissioner behind the EU ban (dubbed “EU’s Mr Lightbulb” by the Daily Mail newspaper), Andris Piebalgs, was himself a former East European Communist director of a Government Department.


Original post…


Contrary to popular belief, the state-planned socialist economy of communist Eastern Germany is not dead; instead, the EU in Brussels is issuing electric policies and spreading propaganda lies that are strangely reminiscent of the days of Nicolaie Ceausescu and Enver Hodscha [Hoxha].

No wonder that the old East German stamps just got an upgrade!


Beautiful european mercury poison mushroom of the novel compact fluorescent kind.
Experts may recognize the bulb design, it’s “made in Eastern Germany”.


Here, ever optimistic East German youths are shown celebrating 55 years of Socialist East Germany just a few years ago – and the proud new sign of centralist European planning and energy micromanagement bureaucracy: the compact fluorescent bulb!


Last, but not least, catch a glimpse of the beauty of Communist single party rule that inspired the well known con(servation) artist Andris Piebalgs, better known as the EU’s Energy Commissioner, to paint such a heroic eurocratic light bulb change brigadier…



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