Permaculture Paul Podcast

New podcast today by Paul Wheaton of Permaculture notoriety on light bulbs …
(direct download of podcast, mp3 file).

An environmentalist with an interesting take on light bulb issues as seen on the link list description here below on the right hand side.

Paul Wheaton talks with Jocelyn Campbell about a recent dinner they had with people who had a full energy audit on their house. They talk about CFL vs incandescent lightbulbs. They talk about the quality of fluorescent light. The audit didn’t mention anything about lifestyle habits or changes, like using a drying rack instead of a dryer, or less hot water usage. The toxicity of CFLs were new to them, such as mercury toxicity, and getting headaches. Jocelyn talks about her new move and the 640 watts of tube fluorescent lighting in the one main room. They also mention Paul’s article on using micro heaters to save on your electric heat usage.

The “micro-heating system”, also featuring incandescent lighting, was covered by USA Today in a recent video report.


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