A Comprehensive Criticism of Fluorescent Light Bulbs

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Paul Wheaton is an interesting critic of the pushing of CFLs as replacement light bulbs, and indeed of the supposed necessity of restricting the use of simple incandescent light bulbs:
He is a committed environmentalist, as seen from his permaculture farming forums, and yet has an engineering background that allows him and his team to make credible real-life observations about lighting and lighting use.

A point about light bulb manufacturers and their products is that their specifications may be correct under the lab test conditions, but do not correspond to real life use – like with lifespan or brightness.

He has a good and extensive critical account of Fluorescent light bulbs here: http://www.richsoil.com/CFL-fluorescent-light-bulbs.jsp, as also displayed further down on this post.

A recent video complements this well, containing further testing…


Not forgetting his earlier Mr Stinkypants video…
A criticism of light bulb manufacturers and politicians, and how they don’t act in the consumers best interest, humorously illustrating the Phoebus cartel limiting the lifespans of regular incandescent bulbs, and then how CFLs get pushed by subsidies before the ultimate resort to simply ban the incandescent alternatives…



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