Q. Why should I send used and broken compact fluorescent light bulbs to Washington?

A. The Clean Energy Act of 2007 effectively banned the use of most incandescent light bulbs by 2014.  The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007  requires all general purpose light bulbs to be 30% more efficient than current incandescent bulbs by 2014, and 70% more efficient by 2020.  This effectively forces many Americans to use compact fluorescent light bulbs.  Improper disposal of compact fluorescent light bulbs can cause serious health problems and environmental damage.  If Washington is smart enough to tell us what kind of light bulbs to use, they’re smart enough to dispose of our light bulbs.  Washington threw the light bulb disposal problem in your lap.  Wouldn’t you love to throw the problem back to Washington?

Q. Will the Post Office mail packages containing compact fluorescent light bulbs?

A. Yes, and they’re proud of it.

This is from the Post Office’s 2008 Annual Report: “We’re working with other companies, agencies and organizations in mail-back programs that recycle and dispose of small electronics, compact fluorescent lamps, and discarded or expired pharmaceuticals.”

This is from their 2007 Comprehensive Statement of Operations: “Through partnerships with business and government, mail is being used to properly dispose of products that might otherwise be harmful to the environment including computer equipment, printer supplies, cell phones, rechargeable batteries, compact fluorescent light bulbs, and prescription drugs.”

Q. Will Federal Express mail packages containing compact fluorescent light bulbs.

A. Yes.

Q. Will UPS mail packages containing compact fluorescent light bulbs.

A. Yes.