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Have you seen this light bulb?

BrightEffectsCFLUnderwriters Laboratories has issued a warning about this compact fluorescent light bulb.  Here is the complete text of their news release:

UL warns of potentially hazardous compact fluorescent lamps

Northbrook, Ill. USA, August 11, 2009 — Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is notifying consumers and retailers that the compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), identified below, may pose a shock and fire hazard. This product does not comply with UL’s safety requirements and is not eligible to bear the UL Mark.

Name of product: Bright Effects Compact Fluorescent Lamp

Units: Unknown quantity

Manufacturer: Zhejiang Yankon Group Co, Ltd., Zhejiang, China

Date of manufacture: Units manufactured on and prior to July 2007

Hazard: The lamp may overheat and melt the enclosure, exposing live parts and creating a shock and fire hazard.

Identification: On the product:

Self-ballasted Lamp

13W 120V 60Hz  190mA

If you have one of these dangerous compact fluorescent light bulbs, don’t use it.  Stop using it if you’re already using it.  Put it in a zip-loc bag and send it to Washington.  They’re the experts.  They’ll know what to do.



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