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Canadian eco-terrorism is even worse than we thought

Two days ago we wrote about a Canadian “environmentalist” group’s plan to distribute 2,000 dangerous compact fluorescent light bulbs in Bloomfield, New Jersey.  It turns out we only scratched the surface on Project Porchlight’s attempt to spread hazardous mercury to unwary Americans.

Project Porchlight is “now in the midst of a million-bulb campaign in New Jersey” according to a story in today’s Ottawa Citizen.

Project Porchlight’s web site also reveals that Vermont is another target for its efforts to distribute dangerous neurotoxins in the United States.

Shame on you, Canada!

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Canadian eco-terrorists target the United States

The Star-Ledger in New Jersey reports what looks like just another feel-good story about eco-nuts giving away free compact fluorescent light bulbs in a misguided attempt to save the planet:

A group of Bloomfield environmentalists will knock on township doors Saturday and hand out 2,000 free compact fluorescent bulbs.

But the story turns ugly when you get to the last sentence:

The bulbs were donated by Project Porchlight, a non-profit environmental organization based in Canada.

Now we’ve got “environmentalists” from foreign countries trying to endanger America’s health and pollute America’s environment by giving unwary Americans dangerous mercury-containing compact fluorescent light bulbs!  Where will this madness end?  How would Canadians like it if we distributed cigarettes and guns to children in Canada?

At a minimum, we should send some of our used compact fluorescent light bulbs to Canada’s parliament in Ottawa.

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