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Shocking behavior by light bulb shills

Superior Lightning, which calls itself “Ft. Lauderdale’s leader in energy efficient light bulbs”, issued a press release titled “CFLs Made EZ” on July 24.  It extols the virtues of compact fluorescent light bulbs:

They help the environment: CFL lamps leave a much smaller eco footprint. Versus an incandescent bulb, a CFL saves over 2.000 times its weight in greenhouse gases. The reduced energy usage combines with increased efficiency makes CFLs a great way to help the environment easily and affordably….
They last much longer: Energy efficient CFLs last between 8 and 15 times longer than incandescent. This equals a lifespan of 6,000 to 15,000 hours. This longer life also means less waste entering our landfills.
It is clear that CFLs make economic and environmental sense. They provide a cheaper, longer lasting, energy efficient alternative to traditional incandescent lamps. Everyone should make the switch today.

There is not a single word in Superior Lighting’s press release about the dangers to our health and our environment from compact fluorescent light bulbs.  The mercury from one fluorescent bulb can pollute 6,000 gallons of water beyond safe levels for drinking. CFLs are now the fastest growing source of mercury in our environment. Mercury is one of the most toxic substances on earth; it can cause serious health problems, including nerve and kidney damage.

There is not a single word in Superior Lighting’s press release about how to dispose of these dangerous light bulbs.

Shame on you, Superior Lighting!

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