More disadvantages of compact fluorescent light bulbs

Compact fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury, which is a dangerous and hazardous material.  But that’s not the only reason not to like them. lists some of the other disadvantages of compact fluorescent light bulbs:

  1. CFLs evolve and newer models are getting better and better all the time. Still, they are not as versatile as incandescent lamps, and can’t be used for every household requirement. For example, CFLs usually take some time between being switched on and achieving full brightness. This time is even longer as the CFL approaches the end of its life. Cold temperatures make the situation even worse, with some CFLs not even starting in cold weather.
  2. Another downside for CFLs is that their lifespan is shortened considerably when they are switched on and off within short time frames. Think of the light that comes on automatically as you approach your garage, and then turns back off after a few minutes. CFLs are not a good option for this or other light activated motion sensors.
  3. CFLs are also not very suitable for dimming. If you require a dimmer controlled light source, CFLs are not a good option. Dimming shortens a CFL’s lifespan considerably, and the dimming range is disappointing. You’d really be better off sticking with a regular, incandescent light bulb for dimmed rooms.
  4. CFLs, unlike incandescent lamps, emit ultra violet and infra red light. The ultra violet light may damage paintings. The infra red, on the other hand, may interfere with remote-controlled devices such as your TV – since these will interpret the infra red light as a signal.

It’s outrageous that Uncle Sam is banning incandescent light bulbs and forcing Americans to use dangerous and inferior compact fluorescent light bulbs.  So if you have a compact fluorescent light bulb that doesn’t work any more, send it to Washington. Let them know what you think about their meddling.


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6 responses to “More disadvantages of compact fluorescent light bulbs

  1. You could also mention that CFLs save way too much money and don’t hurt the environment nearly as much since they only use 25% of the electricity of incandescent bulbs.

  2. PureSpectrum, Inc. has developed fully, truly dimmable CFL bulbs – go to to learn more!

  3. Re: Jeff Read comment above

    For several reasons including the mentioned reduced lifespan,
    but also reduction in brightness
    and their power factor (typically requiring twice the rated power in actual power station output),
    and the heat benefit of ordinary bulbs
    and several other reasons
    (all as officially tested under normal usage conditions, see references in website link below),

    CFLs save little money, energy or emissions overall

    See onwards

  4. Susan

    I was using a CLF in a pendant light and after about 2 weeks it blew up when I switched the light on. I have since learned that you can’t use them for this kind of lighting. Also they can’t be used when they will be enclosed inside a fixture. What are we supposed to do about these types of lighting situations when the incandescent lights are no longer available? I think this is a situation where the corporations making CLFs have the ear of those people in Washington D.C. who no longer listen to the people they are supposed to represent. Didn’t GE receive bail-out money? Also, didn’t they pay zero ($0.00) taxes last year? I am sick to death of all this ridiculous waste of our tax money.

  5. rolliby

    Yeah Jeff – and then there’s those idiots who are biased against good, safe Mercury in a glass casing. What an go wrong there? What idiots. Everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of being surrounded by heated mercury elements 24/7. God. Some people…..

  6. Anonymous

    LED bulbs are a solution. No disadvantages of CFLs but also don’t pollute. Everyone wins!


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